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Murder and Mystery

The Lost Inheritance Mystery

The Lost Inheritance Mystery



A Victorian mystery adventure revolving around the search for a lost inheritance worth millions.
The two miserly Drooge brothers, a butler, a murderous hunchback, a shadowy assassin, a fashion senseless burglar, an evil beast named Diablo, strange henchmen, an actor who once had a standing ovation, and many more oddball characters, all conspire in ways you couldn't possibly imagine to steal two paintings that contain clues to the long lost inheritance of Jacobus Drooge.

This is a complete stand alone adventure.

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"Can't believe I read this after Ice Rift. What a complete 180° turnaround for Ben Hammott. No aliens, monsters or fighting for your life in this book. It is full of mystery, suspense & a whole lot of humor. I couldn't stop laughting at many of the bizzard twists & turns in this book. Can't wait for the next book in the "butler" series. This is a great change of pace mystery/thriller, I am sure you will enjoy it."

"This is an enjoyable Victorian-style mystery story, fashioned in a manner that aims to emulate the style of Dickens’ portrayal of the people and society of the time. The writing and character development are infused with humour, and the story itself is interesting, although the pace of the story is at times a little slower than I would have preferred. The characters are likeable, even if their names are somewhat contrived, albeit in a humorous way. As the story draws to an end, Hammott delivers a series of clever twists that add to both the irony and the Dickensian humour of the book."

"How can the man who wrote Ice Rift write this? One filled with terror, this one with mind blowing humor. The story is absurd, but believable nonetheless. The characters like those you might find in a takeoff on Alice in Wonderland. The humor nonstop. The action over the top. And an ending promising more nonsense in a second book. I cannot wait for the gang to go hunting for pirate treasure!"

"This is one of the best books I've ever read-I have read quite a few of Ben's book and every one I have read so far have been excellent
This one though is so darkly funny I have no doubt it would make an amazing movie
So excited for the sequel to be written and hopefully even a whole series"

The Playwrites Murder

The Playwrites Murder
Two men of similar physical appearance and both with desperate desire to change their bleak future, walk along a canal towpath from opposite directions.
One man, whose clothes are worn and cheap, is a struggling playwright who earns a pittance of a wage as a teacher, a job he detests. He is trapped in a gloom-filled life with little chance of reprieve. His only spark of comfort is provided by his girlfriend, but when he returns home one day to find he has lost her to another man it is almost more than he can endure.
The other man is well dressed, wealthy and on his way to visit the latest woman in his life, the girlfriend of the rage-filled man walking toward him. The family company he has run into the ground with his extravagant lifestyle will drag him down with it when its debt ridden carcass collapses. Too fond of his current way of life to let it be snatched away, he hatches a plan that will see him free of his troubles.
The two men pass beneath a bridge spanning the foul, murky canal at the exact same time, but only one emerges. The man, who had seized the opportunity to change his life forever, assumes a false identity and flees to America, but instead of lying low as commonsense would dictate, the fugitive becomes involved with a famous theater actress and begins to experience the life he has always dreamed of.
When someone from his old life, who knows all of his dirty secrets, knocks on his door, he discovers there is nowhere he can run where his past won't follow. He must decide on a solution to bury that which threatens his bright future or face the dreaded hangman's noose.


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Also available to read for free on Kindle Unlimited

    "The Playwright's Murder is one of those books that immediately clutches at your interest to keep you turning the pages and refuses to release its grasp until the final word has been read." (Indy-review-USA)

"The story has that quality of 'The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins' to keep you reading to find out if what you suspect happened, really did. You will be wrong! The twist is as logical as it is surprising. One of the best mystery thrillers I have had the pleasure to read in a long time. Alex Winter is an author to watch." (NY.Post.book.reviews)

"Captures the mood of the era in amotmospheric detail that is a joy to read. Well written charecters drive the plot to its unexpected, but logical conclusion. I liked it."

"Alex Winter had struggled most of his young life. His family had been educated and well bred, but lost their inheritance thanks to a cheating relative. He teaches art for a pittance while struggling to make it as a playwright. When he discovers his wealthy cousin has stolen his girlfriend from him, he strikes out and assumes the cousin’s identity. He boards a ship for the United States and meets a famous stage actress on board. He confesses all to her, but she keeps his secret, promising him that he can start a new life in New York.

What follows after they dock is a thoroughly entertaining story set in the early 1900’s. The author has created a well plotted story and characters that come across as real people, and he’s especially great at painting life in the beginning of the last century. If you enjoy historical thrillers and mysteries, give this book a try. You won’t be disappointed!"

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