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Horror Books

2 Monstrous Sea Tales, a Nightmare Island, and an Archaeological Adventure

4 Scary Horror Novels

Hell Ship - The Flying Dutchman and Hell Ships, are Monstrous sea faring tales.
Horror Island is an Action Adventure Sci-fi Horror.
Sarcophagus is an Archaeological Horror Thriller set in the Amazon jungle and London, England.
All three books are creepy and dripping with atmosphere.

Horror Island

Horror Island


Where Nightmares Become Reality

Voted Scariest Horror of 2019 by Horror Readers USA


"The Mummy, meets Relic, meets Alien in this scary action driven horror thriller."


Cocooned in rock, the alien organism was propelled into space when the dying planet exploded. Dormant for many millennia as it travelled through the cosmos, it headed towards a blue planet. A fiery spectacle announced its arrival when it entered Earth’s atmosphere and crashed to the surface. Trapped on an island it couldn't escape from, it grew, evolved, hunted and spawned. Time passed. Humans arrived…



Almost sixty years after it was abandoned by the mysterious movie director, Ezra Houghton, successful horror writer Zane Baloc comes into possession of the remote and infamous Horror Island. Believing it will provide the perfect inspiration for a new horror novel, he wastes no time gathering a small team together to travel to the island to investigate. He plans to spend a few weeks there soaking up the atmosphere and exploring the extravagant horror themed movie sets Ezra spent seven years creating. Stranded miles from help, the team soon discover they are not alone and the rumours of strange, unearthly creatures inhabiting the island are more than just a myth. Their mission of exploration and wonderment turns into a bloody fight for survival against the island’s monstrous inhabitants. Stranded on the island filled with fear inspiring buildings and vicious, alien infected monsters, survival will be difficult. Escape unlikely.
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Their mistake wasn’t finding it, it was bringing it back!


Action adventure horror set in the Amazon jungle, abaord a cargo vessel on the high seas and London, England.
Concealed in a remote area of the Amazon jungle is something the Mayans thought so dangerous they built a secret prison to entomb it. It remained undiscovered for centuries.
When a maverick archaeologist hears rumours of a mysterious lost city, he heads into the Amazon jungle, determined to find it.
He soon learns that some things are best left unfound.
The dangerous past the Mayans tried so hard to bury, is about to become our terrifying future.

Extended book blurb:
When an archaeologist stumbles across a mysterious Mayan city in a remote part of the Amazon jungle, he informs the British museum funding his expedition of the discovery.When fellow archaeologist, Greyson Bradshaw, receives news of the discovery, he jumps at the chance to travel to the Amazon jungle to collect artifacts for the forthcoming Mayan exhibition he is arranging. When the two archaeologists explore the city’s subterranean levels, they enter Xibalba, the Mayan underworld. In a secret chamber they discover something hidden away for centuries; a sarcophagus. Realizing its potential as a centerpiece for his exhibition, Greyson transports the sarcophagus and other artifacts back to England. The past is about to come alive.


"Fast paced and exciting without being slowed down by pretentious prose. Perfect for fans of Preston & Child, James Rollins, Matthew Reilly, Daniel Silva, Steve Berry and exciting alien creature horror thrillers."


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“Hammott’s limitless imagination is possibly scarier than his books and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.”
"Highly recommended for fans of creature horror and the action adventure thrillers of Matthew Reilly, Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child, Michael Crichton and James Rollins."
"The action is unrelenting I would whole heartedly recommend this to anyone who enjoys Sci fi /Horror."
"The author has such a creative mind it's scary. The monsters he brings alive in his books are simply terrifying. Add atmospheric locations,characters you root for, racked up tension, a thrilling plot that forbids you to stop reading, and you have Sarcophagus."

Hell Ship - The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman Mary Celeste


When an ancient document, written by Tom Hardy, the cabin boy aboard the Fortuyn, surfaces, it reveals he was the sole survivor of the stricken Dutch East India vessel and the gruesome events he witnessed that claimed both vessel and crew. Because the terrible events he witnessed onboard were too fantastical to be believed, Tom kept the truth a secret. However, in an attempt to quell his reoccurring nightmares, he wrote down the events leading to the demise of the crew and the Fortuyn. It is believed by some that the Fortuyn is the lost ship that haunts the seas and has become known as The Flying Dutchman. Centuries after Tom’s death, and keeping his original title The true catastrophic events of the Fortuyn as witnessed by Tom Hardy, the sole survivor from the aforementioned vessel, the truth can, at last, be revealed. A ghost ship, also known as a phantom ship, is a vessel with no living crew aboard. These encompass ghostly vessels from folklore and fiction, such as the Flying Dutchman, or a derelict found adrift with its crew missing or dead, like the Mary Celeste. In maritime folklore, the ghost ship, the Flying Dutchman, has had an impact like no other lost vessel. It has inspired numerous paintings, films, books, opera, etc. The alleged captain, Van der Decken, was on a heading for the East Indies when a ferocious storm overwhelmed them. With sheer determination, he tried to steer his ship through the hostile weather conditions the Cape of Good Hope was famous for but failed miserably even after he vowed to drift until doomsday. Legend declares that since then, ship and crew have been cursed to sail the oceans for eternity. To this day, hundreds of sailors are credited to having witnessed the Flying Dutchman continuing its never-ending voyage across the waters. Tom’s account of what happened aboard the Flying Dutchman, however, is considerably more chilling.


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Hell Ships - Three Monstrous Sea Tales

3 monstrous Sea Tales

The Derelict

When medical student Nathanial Larkin is assigned as ship’s doctor aboard the Falcon, he is determined to make the most of the undesirable posting. Looking upon it as an adventure, he climbs aboard. Thrown off course by a savage storm, they spy a derelict ship. Little knowing what horrors he and the crew would shortly face, they board her. Finding no sign of life; they turn their minds to salvaging the cargo. However, the ship might be derelict, but it is not abandoned. Something is on board and is coming for them.


Desolation Bay Whaling Station

A whale hunt turns deadly when the hunter becomes the hunted. With their ship damaged and in danger of sinking, the crew of the Harpooner head for the nearest safe harbor, Desolation Bay Whaling Station. They arrive to find it abandoned and partly destroyed. As they set out to repair their ship, they are unaware that the whaling station has been built on another’s territory. She is pregnant, vicious, and doesn’t take kindly to trespasses.


The Lighthouse

The lighthouse was meant to save souls in peril. Instead, it drew evil men into a world their worst nightmares would shun. They have nowhere to run to. They have no way to leave. They have no hope of rescue. They only have one choice; to fight. But how can they fight and hope to win against something that isn’t human, is faster, stronger, and has them outnumbered… Welcome to The Lighthouse.


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Fantastic "This book was fantastic! I couldn’t stop reading. I loved all three stories, but especially The Lighthouse. I am eagerly anticipating the sequel. Hammott has become one of my favorite authors."
3 Tales to chill your bones "Yet another excellent novel by Ben Hammott , tales to send chills through your bones each set in a Maritime environment and differing time frames."
Awesome horror sea stories "These stories were wonderfully written and since I love horror, and I love sea stories, I found this book with the three stories the best! I think I loved the first one (The Derelict) the most but it is difficult to say because all 3 are spooky and awesome. I would love to be able to read more stories like this!"
Just excellent reading material for any night "I write VERY few reviews for any of the books I read but I loved the sea theme in each story but....please please please continue the story in 'The Lighthouse'. Characters are well defined in a short time so you care about what happens to them."

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