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Lost Tomb of the Knights Templar

Lost Tomb of the Knights Templar

An exciting and enjoyable mix of fact and fiction creates a possible scenario of what the mysterious priest Saunière may have discovered.

100 years ago a French priest embedded clues in his church leading to a secret location.
Those clues have been solved.
That location has been found.
The SECRET is revealed!

Treasure, Tombs, Secret Codes and Hidden Clues, a Brutal Murder, the Knights Templar and 2000 year old Relics, are all parts of a Mystery to be solved. It could be the premise for a new archaeological thriller. Except that it is real.

What begins as a treasure hunt and a bit of fun and adventure, leads an Englishman to the tiny French village of Rennes-le-Château, where he unlocked a mysterious puzzle set up by a priest 100 years ago.

Abbé Bérenger Saunière (1852-1917) became mysteriously and fabulously rich after finding a hidden parchment in his Church of Mary Magdalene.

As many believe, the mysterious priest had embedded clues in his church decoration leading to a treasure or a secret, & the source of his wealth. When Ben Hammott enters the church he soon spots something that everyone else has somehow missed - a key that deciphers some of the embedded clues.

Painstakingly deciphering and following the clues, Ben is led to a discovery of 2000-year-old artefacts, a treasure of gold, and a Knights Templar Tomb containing a shrouded body!

An exciting and enjoyable mix of fact and fiction creates a possible scenario of what the mysterious priest Saunière may have discovered.
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“Ben Hammot shows us in this book how a hoax is made to convey a very specific and targeted message to certain secret groups.
Despite the obvious deception of the pseudo discovery that involves complicities of dubious characters (We find some forgers that the regulars of Rennes le Château will recognize without difficulty) and High Dignitaries (Priory of Sion, Town Hall etc.), the case made his way and it was drawn from it a documentary directed by Bruce Burger “Bloodline” and the book had some success and impact in the "Zöhne”.
I like Ben's spontaneity when he innocently tells us about his adventures (for example, the crispy episode of the Violation of the Tomb of the Pontils in the middle of the night and the stress generated by the fear that the owner will emerge in fury...).
When to the real message conveyed by Ben Hammot and the Priory of Sion, the initiates soon saw that it is an Inscribed code...”

"...All I know I that the Rennes-le-Chateau Story is a ripping yarn and as long as no one takes it seriously then its ok."
"This is a review of the 2012 updated edition. This edition states on the back cover and the very first page that the book is a blend of fact and fiction. The last page contains the confession of the author saying his discoveries were a hoax. However, do NOT believe this confession. The entire book is a well written adventure story relating to the Rennes-le-Chateau mystery. The author describes his journey from first learning about the mystery, to his attempts to uncover the secrets and find the treasure. Although the author began the adventure alone, as the story continues, other people join with the author during his visits to the Rennes-le-Chateau region and his attempts to decipher clues and find buried treasure. At the beginning, the author alone finds an underground tomb, which was videoed thru a snake like camera lowered into a tiny shaft. This video causes other people to join the quest, including a movie film team. The author and his team members search for and eventually find buried artifacts which themselves include parchments hidden in glass bottles containing clues to finding further buried items. This process took years to complete. As the story turns out, apparently the priest Berenger Sauniere had buried the clues, which also included the original parchment that Berenger had previously discovered in his church that led to his original discovery of a treasure. Almost all the discoveries of buried clues were witnessed by one or more other people, sometimes including the movie film makers who filmed the discoveries. Artifacts were judged authentic by experts, parchments were examined by experts, signatures of Sauniere on the parchments were compared with previously known examples, and one parchment was carbon-14 dated. All the evidence in the book suggests that the discoveries were NOT a hoax, but instead genuine. However, the tomb discovery and video of the inside and the conclusions derived from the discovered parchments, was very controversial for religious reasons contrary to Christianity. The alleged Priory of Sion was involved in the process, and they implied that it was too soon for the truth of the discoveries to be known, and that revealing the truth was dangerous. This suggests that the author was forced to falsely confess to a hoax. As of 2012, other than the tiny shaft for the video camera, the tomb had not been opened and excavated, but instead blocked by the French Government."

The Hunt for H. H. Holmes and Trial of America's First Serial Killer

America's First Serial Killer
Illustrated Edition
4 Books in 1 Edition.
Considered to be the best non-fiction account of Holmes' Crimes, frauds, capture and trial.
This is the complete unabridged and illustrated version of the 1896 publication, 
The Holmes Pitezel Case - A History Of The Greatest Crime Of The Century and the Search For The Missing Pitezel Children by Detective Geyer.

Bonus material includes:
HOLMES CONFESSIONS - With Moyamensing Prison Diary Appendix
Burk & McFetridge Co. 1895 (Illustrated - complete and unabridged)

Every Detail of His Fearful Crimes Told by the Man Who Admits He Is Turning Into the Shape of the Devil.

1896 by W.R. Hearst and James Elverson, Jr. (Illustrated - complete and unabridged)

A Story of H. H. Holmes’ Mysterious Work By ROBERT. L. CORBITT. 1895
(Illustrated - complete and unabridged)




Henry Howard Holmes, for unexplained reasons, appears to have been overlooked by many true crime enthusiasts. Set partly in the era when "Jack the Ripper" was terrorizing the foggy streets of London with his gruesome slayings, Holmes was committing his nefarious crimes in Chicago, undetected.

H. H. Holmes trained as a doctor and a pharmacist. A handsome and always a smartly turned out gentleman. He was able to charm nearly everyone he met with his smooth tongue, especially any females he encountered. He was a womanizer, a swindler, a thief, a fraud and a prolific mass murderer. So productive was he in the act of murder and disposing of his victims, no one knows the exact number of the lives he took and it is doubtful we ever will.

Though it reads like a work of fiction, the Holmes murder case is real and will be enjoyed by anyone who likes a good murder mystery or detective story.

As the trial judge said when charging the jury responsible for convicting Holmes: "Truth is stranger than fiction, and if Mrs. Pitezel's story is true—(and it was proven to be true)—it is the most wonderful exhibition of the power of mind over mind I have ever seen, and stranger than any novel I have ever read."


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Serial Killer Henry Holmes
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