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Dripping with atmosphere, both books are creepy and adventerous with more than a few laughs

The Strange Side of Midnight

The Strange Side of Midnight


For 100 years the portal to the human world has been closed to them.
It is now open. They are free. They are evil. They are Fae.
Warning: This is not a fairy tale. It is a tale about faeries.
At the edge of an ancient forest steeped in legends, stands a 4oo-year-old manor house occupied by the mysterious Sinister family since it was built. An accusation of witchcraft against the Sinisters in the past, saw seven of them burnt at the stake. Within a week of their deaths, a deadly blight swept through the village. Those that survived fled never to return.
As time passed, the abandoned village was reoccupied and steadily grew into a town. Unaware of the evil that dwelt in the forest overlooking them, the townsfolk went about their daily lives. With the death of the last Sinister descendant, that is about to change.
When a caretaker is sought to look after Hagsdell Manor, Kallisto Crowe, a down on his luck author of supernatural thrillers, takes the position. He is searching for something to kickstart his writing mojo and hopes living in the old manor will provide that. When he discovers a macabre casket in the attic and opens it, the strange contents embroil him in a set of life-threatening events, not even his writer’s imagination could have dreamed up.

This is a complete stand alone adventure.


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A Gathering of Dwarfs

A Gathering of Dwarfs

Dead Dragons Gold - Book 1

Not every Fairy Tale ends happily for all...
A dauntless young hero.
An impossible quest.
A Hunt for Dead Dragons Gold...


The dragons are all long dead, their hordes of gold unclaimed, their lairs lost in legend.
An adventurer sets out to find them, but the one remaining map sits with the Wicked Queen, imprisoned atop a lonely mountain for her crimes against Snow White.
She'll offer up the map in exchange for her freedom but, to achieve that, the adventurer will have to reunite the Seven Dwarfs, long-since scattered across the land, and convince them to aid their most hated enemy.

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"Great story of pretty much everything that goes bump in the night. A fading horror writer desperately needs to revive his career. Luckily, he has a builder friend who purchases a property that includes some prime land (that he wants to develop into upscale houses) and an old mansion (that he does not want to get involved in restoring to Heritage Society particulars). So Crowe finds himself living in an old, spooky house with plenty of atmosphere to jump start his imagination.

The problem is the previous owners of the house were involved with some not-so-savory characters including fairies (the nasty type), witches, ghouls, and many more types of creepers from the author’s ripe imagination. Crowe finds himself with little time to write as he’s sucked into a war between species that threatens his life as well as the inhabitants of the local village.

"If I could give 10 stars I would. This book was his funniest book so far! Thanks Ben I really like your writing style. Scary and funny."
"If you read nothing else this year do give The Strange Side Of Midnight a read every being from every fairy tale is in the mix plus a few more its a very entertaining book and is worth the time ."
The action is non-stop and there are plenty of evil creatures to keep a reader enthralled. The banter between Crowe and Griselda the Hag is fun and clever. I was swept up in the action from start to finish, and very sorry to come to the end.
"Ben has written another fun story with unexpected twists. Characters were likeable and the dialogue entertaining. I stumbled on Hammott's Ice Rift books which I really liked and have been on a reading his books since and they been great!"
" I don't read many horror books but this one contained fairies and I wasn't disappointed. The problem with many horror books (my opinion) is the unrelenting horror and misery, what I liked about this book is the small bits of dark humor sprinkled throughout the novel. I also appreciated the creepy atmosphere the occasional splashes of gore."
"Another brilliant story by Ben Hammott , it completely changes tack after the first couple of chapters I am the first to admit that avoid magic fantasy novels like the plague but this was a novel which I shall be reading again and again and recommending to all I know . Up until a few months ago Ben was a relatively unknown author but he stands head and shoulders above a lot of his contemporaries . Also by Mr Hammott `Horror Island ` the first novel of his I ever read also excellent , also `The Ice Rift `trilogy a mix of Sci Fi and Horror fast paced leaving you breathless and hungry for more like many of the creatures . B this novel mixes mild horror with magic and humour and very satisfying outcome , Tolkien readers may well enjoy this book ."

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