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Exciting Archaeological Thrillers Involving Sacred Artifacts and Exploration.

Plot Themes:

Action - Adventure - Survival - Exploration - Lost Treasure - Sacred Artifacts - Lost City

The Tomb, the Temple, the Treasure series has become an international best seller.
The El Dorado series was voted Best Adventure Novel 2017


Book 1

Solomon's Treasure 1
An ancient mystery, a lost treasure and the search for the most sought after relics in all antiquity.

An exciting archaeological thriller spanning more than 2000 years. Beginning with the construction of Solomon's Temple, the Fall of Jerusalem, the creation of the Copper Scrolls and the forming of the Knights Templar and their mysterious tunnelling under the Temple Mount. The story then takes us into the trap-riddled catacombs beneath Rosslyn Chapel, on to Rennes-le-Château, into the Tomb and beyond.

Tag line:
In the catacombs beneath Rosslyn Chapel, one man finds a secret they have spent centuries searching for. They are coming to claim it.


BEGINNINGS - Book 1 of the Tomb, the Temple, the Treasure


960BC Solomon’s Temple is completed.

70AD Fall of Jerusalem and the Temple Treasure is Lost

1119AD The Knights Templar tunnel under the Temple Mount. Nine years later they find what they have been searching for and return to France. They become the richest and most powerful order the world has known.

1446 Sir William St Clair builds Rosslyn Chapel.

1891 Bérenger Saunière, a penniless priest of the small French village of Rennes-le-Château, discovers a parchment hidden in his church - it turns him into a man of great wealth.

1952 The Copper Scroll is discovered in a cave in Qumran. It is a Treasure map believed to have been written around the time Jerusalem fell.

All are connected. Part of a Secret buried for centuries.
A secret many have been searching for without success. Ancient Families, Secret Orders, innocents wronged. All have suffered. All seek revenge. The Secret will give it to them. They just have to find something that went missing over 2000 years ago. Continues in The Priest's Secret.


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“...a terrific book with a likable protagonist, skilled plotting and interesting characters. This gripping quest for lost artifacts mystery had me hooked from the first chapter.”
"Quite a lot of research has gone into this book and it makes it so much richer. The quest for power and riches was behind Rome, the Templars, the Rex Deux, the builders of Roslyn Chapel, etc. I love how the author has woven his research for the book into his story. The detailed information on the intricacy of the Templar traps is amazing."
"I was hooked from the start. The story spans over centuries starting with the fall of Jerusalem to modern times following different time periods dealing with the treasure. The story is filled with adventure and mystery involving treasure seekers reminding me of Indiana Jones. This is one of the most exciting novels I've read in years."
"There appears to be a bunch of books this decade which retell the tales of the Templars,
the Rosslyn Chapel, the Masons, the Second Temple, the Egyptians pharaohs, etc.
While the basic tales are becoming quite shop worn, occasionally a writer comes
along, dusts off the old merchandise, and breathes new life into the bones of the
mythology. Ben Hammott has done this with this book, and the one that follows to weave together a good yarn."

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Solomon's Treasure Two book Bundle only available from Your Amazon
"Excellent!!!!!! Brilliant story, the plots in this book knotted and entangled perfectly. This story and the characters will stay with me for a while Thank u for a wonderful story. Many thanks."


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Solomon's Treasure 2
A story filled with Ancient Crypts, Tombs, Murder, kidnapping, atmospheric locations, exciting chases, daring escapes and a trip to Jerusalem to enter the tunnels beneath the Temple Mount, concludes the thrilling story started in Beginnings.
The Priest' Secret continues from Beginnings - Book 1 of the Tomb, the Temple, the Treasure, and includes the novelization of some of the Myths and Legends associated with the tiny hill top village of Rennes-le-Chateau and the surrounding countryside. Most of the locations mentioned in this book are real locations, including the caves, the remainder is from the author's imagination.


The Priest’s Secret - Book 2 of the Tomb, the Temple, the Treasure

After surviving the trap-filled catacombs below Rosslyn Chapel and the two assassins sent below to kill him, Ben travels to France to join forces with Jon Creed, whose grandfather was Abbé Rivière, the priest who heard Saunière’s death bed confession.
Together they hatch a dangerous plan to safeguard the Tomb and its cache of priceless artifacts.
The task will not be an easy one as THEY also want the artifacts.
The Rex Deus, the mysterious Order of the Compagnie du Saint-Sacrament, the Knights Templar and the Vatican, all move in on the duo to reclaim that which they believe to be rightfully theirs. Intent on revenge for the death of her two brothers, Raven, a sexy and beautiful assassin also seeks out Ben (see Beginnings.)
Facing danger at every turn, the thrilling story started in book 1 – BEGINNINGS, concludes beneath the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.
Includes flashbacks to the life and times of Bérenger Saunière, the mysterious priest of the secluded hilltop village of Rennes-Le-Château.


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Genuine Online Reviews

“A story full of thrills, excitement and suspense to satisfy all readers who yearn for adventure and escapism. Highly recommended." (Indie book club)
“An exciting action adventure that took me to many places I would have liked to explore. The final chapter is one of the best I have read. Buy it, read it, enjoy it.” (cosmo lit)

"Imaginative and creative. Mixing history with fiction to create exciting action filled what might have been, what could have been. This is the second volume in a two volume series and I enjoyed both very much. I have since bought more works by the author, Ben Hammott, and am enjoying them as well."

“From the first chapter I was hooked and found it difficult to stop turning the pages. Ben’s easy writing style I first encountered in Beginnings, continues in this second installment to make for an effortless read. The locations are atmospheric. The characters are interesting. The story thrilling and well written. The ending was completely unexpected, which I found enormously satisfying. My only criticism of the Priest’s Secret is that it concluded the story. I would have liked it to continue but perhaps that is just me being selfish. An excellent novel that I have no qualms about recommending.” (Indy-review-USA)

"Ben Hammott is back with the second book of the The Tomb, The Temple, The Treasure, following his adventures. Beginning where the first book left off, Ben and new companions Creed & Pat embark on finding the ultimate treasure and must find a way of re-hiding it in another country to avoid the Church from getting their hands on it and using it to destroy the fabric of Christian faith. Like the first part, it is full of adventure, excitement and exploring of new tombs. I didn't see what was coming from the beginning to the end. A thrill ride of a lifetime continues."

"This genre is my favorite to read. When I came across Mr Hammett I thought I'd give him a try. I knew I was getting close to the end but it got worse when I finished because I wanted more. This story was so captivating that I tortured myself to make it last. As soon as I read the last page i bought another novel from him. Please do yourself a favor a grab this book. Such an awesome read."

"Thoroughly enjoyed both books in this series. So much better than the DiVinci Code. I have read a ton on this subject, both fiction and non-fiction, and the attention to detail is outstanding. The Alternate "Fun" ending was a very nice touch. Highly recommend!"


Book 1 - Search for the Lost City - An Unexpected Adventure
El Dorado Lost City 1
An exciting archaeological mystery thriller with flashbacks to Colonel Fawcett's 1925 Expedition.
An ancient mystery.
A Lost Treasure.
A Hidden City.
An impossible location.
An unimaginable adventure.

Included in Aztec and Mayan legends, Conquistadors had heard rumors of its existence when exploring the New World, but never found it.

During World War 2, Nazi-inspired archaeologists were convinced they had pinpointed its location. They packed a U-Boat with supplies and set a course for the Amazon Jungle. They disappeared!

Many adventurers eager to claim the legendary gold as their own entered one of the most inhospitable places on earth, the Amazon Jungle. Most were never seen again!

The exact location of El Dorado and its fantastic hoard of Mayan, Aztec and Inca treasure so many have dreamed of finding, remains a mystery. Any who may have stumbled upon it never returned to tell the tale.

It was as if someone, or something, was protecting it...
In 1925, Victorian explorer Colonel Percy Fawcett enters the Amazon Jungle to search for a Lost City. Like so many before him, he was never seen or heard from again. Until now!

When a message from the past is discovered washed up on an English beach, it reveals new information about the ill-fated 1925 expedition. A modern day expedition sets off to follow in the footsteps of Colonel Fawcett in an attempt to locate the Lost City and its legendary hoard of priceless treasure.


Rumored to be guarded by remote, mist-veiled mountains, the fabulous treasure hoard was hidden from the greedy clutches of Spanish conquistadors somewhere deep inside the unforgiving and mysterious Amazon jungle. As far as anyone knows, it is still there. Waiting to be discovered by those brave or foolhardy enough, to try their luck.


El Dorado Book 1 & 2 will take you on a journey filled with danger to seek out and enter the fabled Lost City. A thrilling story of adventure and discovery that weaves together an exciting blend of fact and fiction linked to the legends surrounding El Dorado, the lost Fawcett expedition and the mysterious Amazonian Jungle.
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Book 2 - Fabled Lost Treasure - The Secret City
El Dorado Lost City 2

El Dorado Book 2 Continues from The Lost City Book 1, and will take you inside the Lost City to learn of its many secrets and dangers.
After a perilous journey through the inhospitable Amazon Jungle, the expedition team stand at the entrance of a strange construction leading inside one of the seven surrounding pyramid-shaped mountains Fawcett’s journal has led them to. Where will it lead? Is it El Dorado? What secrets will they find within? They venture inside the mountain to find out. Not all will survive.

What lies before them as an unimaginable adventure full of danger, sacrifice, nightmare creatures and an ancient treasure so vast it rivals the greatest treasures of the world so far discovered. Escape will be almost impossible. Waiting for them is something worshiped by the Aztec and Mayan tribes for hundreds of years, and it is alive!

A thrilling story of adventure and discovery that weaves together an exciting blend of fact and fiction linked to the legends surrounding the lost 1925 Fawcett expedition and the mysterious Amazonian Jungle.
(Both books equal over two hundred thousand words and approximately nine hundred printed book pages)


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El Dorado Lost City 1 and 2


El Dorado Book 1 and 2 - An Unexpected Adventure and The Secret City

Only available from Your Amazon - Also available on Kindle Unlimited


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El Dorado Reviews
"I thoroughly enjoyed both Books of Ben Hammott's Amazonian adventure. With lots of great characters, action aplenty and a gripping storyline there was truly nothing to dislike. The search for El Dorado, based on the discovery of a long lost document, washed ashore on the beach at Great Yarmouth, leads an assorted team of unlikely explorers into the Brazilian jungle and to dangers far beyond their wildest nightmares. Well worth 5 stars and I would recommend this engrossing tale to any lovers of a good old-fashioned adventure yarn."

"Excellent balance of fact and fiction. This book takes two descendants of Fawcett's lost expedition, throws in a couple of new clues, and sends them off on an adventure to retrace the steps of their ancestors. The book ends on a cliffhanger and the second book picks up just about where it left off. Hammott really grabs the reader and takes him on a daring jaunt through the peril infested Amazon rain forest."

“What an incredibly fantastic story!

History and the present intertwine in this ripping yarn of adventure and adversity deep in the Amazon jungle. Ben Hammott has crafted an ingenious tale full of great characters, all of whom are likable but not necessarily always good people.

The story hooks readers with the mysteries of the past and legends of treasure, and then connects to them through the descendants of the original adventurers.
From that point on, this pair of books takes the reader on a journey through rough terrain, down treacherous rivers, and territory inhabited by previously unknown tribes.”

"Thoroughly enjoyed both books in this series. The Lost City books contain all the elements that I look for in a good adventure yarn. From a base point of factual events concerning the disappearance of explorer/adventurer Col. Percy Fawcett, Mr. Hammott launches into a nonstop tale of an Amazonian search for a lost city. Included are an enjoyable cast of unlikely modern day heroes following clues found in a bottle washed ashore 80 years after being thrown into the water by a dying member of Fawcetts' expedition. Lost cities, treacherous villains, Nazis, beautiful Amazon warriors and an alien spaceship inside a pyramid- and that's just part of the story."
"I came across these Ben Hammott books and couldn't stop reading them. These have to be the best books I have read in years. They have just about everything, history, lost civilizations, Indiana Jones action, murder, good guys & bad guys, Nazis, aliens, monsters, a UFO & the adventure to find a lost city in the Amazon & discover a cave full of Mayan & Inca gold. It's well put together with a great cast of unlikely characters and best of all it's highly believable. It was money well spent. I can't wait to see the movie version. If you like action, mystery and adventure you can't go wrong with this two book set."

"Great story telling at its best, villains,monsters, beautiful gals, nazis and even a Flying Saucer what more could you ask for."

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