Dark Fantasy

For 100 years the portal to the human world has been closed to them.

It is now open. They are free. They are evil. They are Fae.

Warning: This is not a fairy tale. It is a tale about faeries.


At the edge of an ancient forest steeped in legends, stands a 4oo-year-old manor house occupied by the mysterious Sinister family since it was built. An accusation of witchcraft against the Sinisters in the past, saw seven of them burnt at the stake. Within a week of their deaths, a deadly blight swept through the village. Those that survived fled never to return.

As time passed, the abandoned village was reoccupied and steadily grew into a town. Unaware of the evil that dwelt in the forest overlooking them, the townsfolk went about their daily lives. With the death of the last Sinister descendant, that is about to change.

When a caretaker is sought to look after Hagsdell Manor, Kallisto Crowe, a down on his luck author of supernatural thrillers, takes the position. He is searching for something to kickstart his writing mojo and hopes living in the old manor will provide that. When he discovers a macabre casket in the attic and opens it, the strange contents embroil him in a set of life-threatening events, not even his writer’s imagination could have dreamed up.


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