An action adventure horror set in the Amazon jungle and London, England.

Concealed in a remote area of the Amazon jungle is something the Mayans thought so dangerous they built a secret prison to entomb it.

It remained undiscovered for centuries.

When a maverick archaeologist hears rumours of a mysterious lost city, he heads into the Amazon jungle, determined to find it.

He soon learns that some things are best left unfound.

The dangerous past the Mayans tried so hard to bury, is about to become our terrifying future.

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When the two archaeologists explore the city’s subterranean levels, they enter Xibalba, the Mayan underworld. In a secret chamber they discover something hidden away for centuries; a sarcophagus.

Realizing its potential as a centerpiece for his exhibition, Greyson transports the sarcophagus and other artifacts back to England.

The past is about to come alive.

Extended book blurb:

When an archaeologist stumbles across a mysterious Mayan city in a remote part of the Amazon jungle, he informs the British museum funding his expedition of the discovery.

When fellow archaeologist, Greyson Bradshaw, receives news of the discovery, he jumps at the chance to travel to the Amazon jungle to collect artifacts for the forthcoming Mayan exhibition he is arranging.