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Horror Island

Where Nightmares Become Reality

Horror Island - Action Aventure Horror

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Their mistake wasn't finding it, it was bringing it back!

An action Adventure Horror

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ICE RIFT by Ben Hammott 

Humans have always looked to the stars for signs of alien life.
They have been looking in the wrong place.
They are already here. Entombed beneath Antarctic ice for thousands of years.
The ice is melting and they will soon be free.

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Ice Rift - Salvage - Now Available

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The first stand alone book in my new series is now available to purchase.

The Butler Chronicles

The Lost Inheritance Mystery

The Butler Cronicles

A Victorian mystery adventure revolving around the search for a lost inheritance worth millions.
The two rival miserly Drooge brothers, a butler, a murderous hunchback, a shadowy assassin, a fashion senseless burglar, a beast named Diablo, strange henchmen, an actor who once had a standing ovation, and many more oddball characters, all conspire in ways you couldn't possibly imagine to steal two paintings that contain clues to the long lost inheritance of Jacobus Drooge.

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The International Best Selling Series, The Tomb, the Temple, the Treasure

Beginnings takes the reader back to the roots of the mystery to explain a solution to what secret the mysterious priest may have discovered. The Temple of Solomon, the Knights Templar, the Copper Scrolls and Rosslyn Chapel all play their part. Facing danger at every turn, the thrilling story continues in The Priest's Secret to conclude beneath the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Beginnings Book Cover   The Priest's Secret Book Cover

An ancient mystery, a lost treasure and the search for the most sought after relics in all antiquity.

The Solomon's Treasure novels, Beginnings and The Priest's Secret, are a result of Ben Hammott's research into the Rennes-le-Château Mystery. In his book Lost Tomb of the Knight's Templar, a blend of fact and fiction, his hoaxed discoveries outline a possible scenario of what the mysterious priest, Saunière, may have discovered in his Mary Magdalene church to turn him from a penniless priest into a man of great wealth. Rumours abound that he may have found the lost Knight's Templar treasure or a a long lost secret he used to blackmail the vatican. In Solomon's Treasure Ben weaves his research and discoveries into an exciting archaeological thriller spanning more than 2000 years.

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The Lost City Book Series

EL DORADO Book 1 Search for the Lost City - An Unexpected Adventure

EL DORADO - Book 2 - Fabled Lost Treasure - The Secret City

One of the world's most legendary and elusive treasures, sought after for centuries. . .

An ancient mystery.
A Lost Treasure.
A Hidden City.
An impossible location.
An unimaginable adventure.

EL DORADO Book 1 Search for the Lost City - An Unexpected Adventure  EL DORADO - Book 2 - Fabled Lost Treasure - The Secret City

Included in Aztec and Mayan legends, Conquistadors had heard rumours of its existence when exploring the New World, but never found it.
During World War 2, Nazi inspired archaeologists were convinced they had pinpointed its location. They packed a U-Boat with supplies and set a course for the Amazon Jungle. They disappeared!
Many adventurers eager to claim the legendary gold as their own entered one of the most inhospitable places on earth, the Amazon Jungle. Most were never seen again!
And yet the exact location of El Dorado and its fantastic hoard of Mayan, Aztec and Inca treasure so many have dreamed of finding, remains a mystery. Any who may have stumbled upon it never returned to tell the tale.
It was as if someone, or something, was protecting it...

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