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Dead Dragons Gold: Book 1


Dead Dragons Gold: Book 1 small cover

We all know Snow White lived happily ever after, but what happened to the seven dwarfs? 
When their diamond mine becomes choked with the barbed roots of the thorny hedge the wicked queen erected around their land the dwarfs are forced to split up and survive using their various talents of Assassin, Thief, Bounty Hunter, Medicus, Pirate, Inventor and Priest.


"This book will appeal to fans of Terry Pratchett's Discworld Sagas."

"An exciting humorous fantasy adventure which reveals what happened to the 7 dwarfs after Prince Charming had claimed Snow White as his bride."

"At times dark fantasy tale interjected with humour interwoven in an original plot that will change your view of Snow White's seven dwarfs."

"If you like your fantasy stories full of originality and humour, this is the book for you and one for Pratchett fans of all ages. Highly recommended."

"A rollicking read that shows the seven dwarfs in a new, bawdy and hilarious light."

"Magic and monsters and a lot of laughs!"

A Gathering of Dwarfs Book Info

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serial killer - H. H. Holmes
An Insatiable Thirst for Murder
Serial Killer Henry Holmes

(Formally titled, Lair of a Serial Killer)


If you hear him lock the door, you are already dead!

"An atmospheric dramatization of a true crime mystery using source documents and the investigations carried out by detective Frank Geyer to portray a believable and disturbing account of the heinous murders and crimes of the serial killer, Henry H. Holmes."

"Insightful thoughts of some characters during their impending death make it too easy to identify with the horror of what they experienced. By the time I got to the end of some parts, I was out of breath, literally!"

"Grabs your concentration by the throat with every horrific and appalling act carried out by Holmes and never lets go. The scenes are so well written that you find yourself witnessing everything as if you were there."

"This well researched dramatization of the Chicago serial killer, Henry Holmes, because is based on actual events, isn't something that's always easily digestible; it sits in your gut and gnaws at your insides. It becomes part of your subconscious. You think of it long after you have laid the book aside. No punches are pulled to describe the horrendous crimes carried out by this cold hearted killer."

"Hammott's writing is easy to read. He has a real knack for creating great descriptions of scenes, characters, and murderous action."

"Absorbingly horrific. As if it were a plane crash that you just can't look away from, because you're intrigued as to how and what will happen next."

"An absorbing read that will remain with you long after you've turned the last page."

"The prose is very descriptive and emotive. It actually gave me quite an emotional kick in the gut when Holmes's murderous appetite focused on the children. No one was safe from this man."

"As fascinating as it is shocking."

This book contains the shocking dramatization of real events carried out by the serial killer, Henry Howard Holmes.


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Also available is the book considered to be the best non-fiction account of Holmes Crimes, frauds, capture and trial:

4 Books in 1 Edition

The Holmes Pitezel Case
A History Of The Greatest Crime Of The Century and the Search For The Missing Pitezel Children by Frank P. Geyer 1896. (Illustrated - complete and unabridged)

Holmes Pitezel Case

Detective Frank Geyer, the author of the above book, was the man responsible for bringing H. H. Holmes to justice and revealing some of his atrocious crimes.




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