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The Holmes Pitezel Case

With Moyamensing Prison Diary Appendix
Burk & McFetridge Co. 1895
(Illustrated - complete and unabridged)

Every Detail of His Fearful Crimes Told by the Man Who Admits He Is Turning Into the Shape of the Devil. THE TALE OF THE GREATEST CRIMINAL IN HISTORY
Copyright, 1896 by W.R. Hearst and James Elverson, Jr.
(Illustrated - complete and unabridged)

A  Story of H. H. Holmes’ Mysterious Work
(Illustrated - complete and unabridged)

The Holmes Pitezel Case
A History Of The Greatest Crime Of The Century and the Search For The Missing Pitezel Children
Copyright Frank P. Geyer 1896

(Illustrated - complete and unabridged)

It is not possible to find in the chronicles of criminal records, a more calculated and cold blooded villain than the central figure in this story, nor would the most meticulous examination of the accounts of prominent murder trials to have fascinated public attention during the past century, divulge the through planning that made possible the apprehension of the serial killer H. H. Holmes by detective Frank Geyer, a man to be applauded for his steadfast detective work and never gave up even when it seemed there were no more clues to follow.
Though Holmes had been accredited to have murdered upward of 200 innocent victims, men, women and children, lured to his ghastly murder hotel, he was only ever convicted of one. He was especially clever at disposing of any evidence.
That Holmes committed four murders has been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt, and that his judicious arrest prevented him from committing many more is equally certain. If the Chicago Hotel he designed to ensnare, torture, murder and dispose of the bodies, could give up its guilty secrets, Holmes crimes would be considerably increased.

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The First Publications About JACK THE RIPPER (Published 1888. Illustrated): THE CURSE UPON MITRE SQUARE. A. D. 1530 - 1888 & THE HISTORY OF THE WHITECHAPEL MURDERS by John Francis Brewer & Ben Hammott


Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper Book Cover

This is what the press had to say about Brewer's book at the time:

"It can not be denied that Mr. Brewer has written a clever and blood-curdling book." - Evening Post.

"A very remarkable little booklet. Is written with the best intention, and will doubtless have a fascinating interest to lovers of the tragic." -Provincial press.

"This thrilling little tale, as condensed as a meat lozenge, is the work of Mr. John Francis Brewer, who has laid before his readers a perfect 'feast of horrors.' Having obtained possession of some very recondite and curious information concerning the precedents of Mitre Square, the author proceeds to impart his privileged knowledge in about as gruesome a tale as it has ever been our fate to read late at night, when the fire burning low and encircling one with shadows that embody the horrors one is reading, causes one to start and look up and all around in a fit of ignominious pusillanimity. ' The Curse Upon Mitre Square' boasts some literary qualities above its supreme sensationalism. 'T'is indeed a well written booklet, whose perusal we can confidently recommend to all our readers who care to have their minds agreeably thrilled by scientifically accumulated terrors." -The Gentleman. - Amazon.UK

Digital and Paperback Versions

THE CURSE UPON MITRE SQUARE. A. D. 1530 - 1888 By JOHN FRANCIS BREWER. (Original Illustrated, Unabridged 1888 Version)
THE HISTORY OF THE WHITECHAPEL MURDERS - A Full And Authentic Narrative Of The Above Murders, With Sketches
. (Original Illustrated, Unabridged 1888 and 1889 Versions)
During the era of the Jack the Ripper slayings in 1888, the newspapers' sensational headlines captured the public’s imagination, but did little to satisfy their hunger for more news on these ghastly crimes. John Francis Brewer, no doubt seeing a way to profit from the hysteria surrounding the 'Ripper' murders, puts pen to paper and in October 1888, even before the final murder had been committed and 'Jack' disappeared forever, the first fictionalization of the Ripper killings appeared in the form of John Francis Brewer’s 'The Curse Upon Mitre Square.'
Though both books reveals no clues as to the 'Ripper's' identity, and factual errors, because they were written at the time of the murders, and the very first printed publications dedicated to Jack the Ripper, it is essential reading to those interested in Jack the Ripper and murder stories in general. Both are worth reading for there entertainment value.

is the original title. This publication was reprinted in 1889 with the title, AN EXTENDED ACCOUNT OF THE WHITECHAPEL MURDERS BY THE INFAMOUS JACK THE RIPPER. This later edition omitted some of the original 1888 text and images, and added a couple of new images. These changes are clearly marked in the combined 1888 & 1889 publications. New images have also been added.

Both publications have linked table of contents and illustration menus.
The included publications have been typed from the originals and are NOT scanned or photocopied editions.

Captain Kidd's Treasure - Facts and Fantasy (Illustrated): The Hunt for Buried Pirate Treasure [Kindle Edition] Howard Pyle (Author, Illustrator), Ralph Paine (Author), Ben Hammott (Editor)


Captain Kidd's Treasure - Facts and Fantasy (Illustrated): The Hunt for Buried Pirate Treasure

Captain Kidd's Treasure Book Cover

These are the full and unabridged versions and include all images appearing in the original publications. HOWARD PYLE'S BOOK OF PIRATES included in this publication is the rarer colour plate version.
Both books have been typed from the originals and are NOT the scanned copies which include portions of unreadable text, no images or incomplete images.
Chapters, illustrations, etc., are all indexed with live links.

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These books are the illustrated versions of the original Howard Pyle's Books.
When we think of pirates, a few names immediately come to mind, among them one who has become legendary in his ruthless attacks on innocent ships, which he then plundered of all valuables to make him staggeringly wealthy. Equally legendary was his habit of bury his hoards of treasure up and down the eastern seaboard.
However, Kidd was a second rate pirate and a man who seemed to be constantly pursued by bad luck. Blackbeard, and many others, were far more successful pirates and deserve the many stories that surround them.
We owe much of what we know about Captain Kidd and other cutthroats to a handful of now out of print publications, which are often referred to by historians and story tellers researching the life and myths of pirates. Two of these books, THE BOOK OF BURIED TREASURE. BEING A TRUE HISTORY OF THE GOLD, JEWELS, AND PLATE OF PIRATES, GALLEONS, ETC., WHICH ARE SOUGHT FOR TO THIS DAY BY RALPH D. PAINE, and HOWARD PYLE'S BOOK OF PIRATES - Fiction, Fact & Fancy concerning the Buccaneers & Mariners of the Spanish Main: From the writing & Pictures of Howard Pyle, are two of these source books included in this publication.
They give a fascinating insight to the lives of pirates and the lengths some treasure hunters will go to in their search for pirate booty, some of which was found.

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