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In Antarctica everyone can hear you scream!


An action adventure survival horror set in Antarctica

When a huge rift in the ice is discovered in Antarctica, NASA turns ones of its satellites upon it and discovers something strange. Confused by the readings, they call upon a group of scientists running tests on the ice shelf to investigate. When the scientists enter the ice rift to check out the anomaly on NASA's satellite scans, they discover something far more life threatening than the raging blizzard trapping them in the rift. They are unarmed and unprepared for the ensuing threat it poses them and mankind.

Link to information about the actual ice rift this novel is based upon

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“Events in Ice Rift makes joining Ripley aboard the Nostromo seem like a pleasant thing to do.”
"An exciting adrenaline rush that rarely lets you stop for a breather."

I dreaded each time the characters opened another door. Highly enjoyable read."

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The spaceship entombed in the huge iceberg calved from the Pine Island Glacier drifts towards the warmer air and ocean temperatures of the South Atlantic. The race is on to claim the alien technology before the ice melts and releases its hold on the trapped alien vessel.

The mission: Board the spaceship and salvage as much alien technology as possible before the doomed vessel sinks to the bottom of the ocean.

The obstacles: A disintegrating iceberg, a collapsing spaceship, an armed Russian salvage force intent on claiming alien technology for themselves, an approaching storm, and the biggest obstacle of all—the spacecraft’s alien inhabitants.

The aliens have another mission—survival—and when opposing species clash, there can be only one victor.

Ice Rift - Salvage is the sequel to Ice Rift, which needs to be read first to gain the most enjoyment from the story.


Having stowed aboard the Russian vehicle transporting the alien weaponry salvaged from the doomed Antarctic spaceship, the surviving fragment of EV1L arrives at a secret underground complex in the remote wilderness of the Siberian tundra.

It will hide.

It will feed and grow.

It will breed.

When all is ready, EV1L and her hoard of vicious offspring will emerge from the facility and head for the nearest city to start their conquest of Earth.

When the Americans intercept a plea for help from the secret facility and learn of the alien menace, a crack team is rushed to Siberia. Their mission is to destroy the alien creatures before they escape.

If they fail, it could bring about the end of human civilization.

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