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Ben was born in England, but currently lives in Germany.
He loves to laugh and make others laugh, something which he is particularly good at. He is a joker, a hoaxer and someone who loves mysteries, especially if they involve a long lost treasure.

Apart from writing he likes nothing better than to be travelling in his motorhome around Europe seeking out mysteries and hunting for long lost treasures, which invariably lead him below ground to explore caves, caverns and old mines. These then become ideas he can use in his books.

Currently based in Germany, if he is writing a book with a location in Europe, he will often drive to the area to get a feel of the place, the smells and sounds of the streets, the people and the landscape, and will write down descriptions for later use.

Ben's research into the mysteries he has sought to solve is so thorough he often discovers snippets of information no one else has. His research has been used in many documentaries and his hoaxed discoveries detailed in his Lost Tomb of the Knights Templar book were featured in a Hollywood movie.

Research Images

Ben Hammott and Rat Scabies

Author Ben Hammott and ex Drummer of the Damned, Rat Scabies taking a rest from researching Mysteries

Exploring ancient crypt 1 Exploring ancient crypt 2

Exploring the collapsed Crypt of an Ancient Church

Old Mine Shaft Flooded

An Old Flooded Mine Shaft that was explored in a Leaking Dingy

Ben, Ronny, Pat and a muddy dingy we borrowed and promised to take good care of.

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